You Speking in Series

Speaking for You Series

This idea has already made me some time, but had no hurry to put it on the blog until it was fully complete.

Well, I always wanted the FS had an interaction with readers and that they had active voice, and began to think that the comments merely the views and then came me the idea, which probably is not unprecedented (at least I never saw more elsewhere), to a larger space for those wishing to speak.

And what would be better than a post? The Internet and blogs are there for interaction between people and not to separate them. Blogs should be partners and not competitors in search of more comments or more readers.

You win this space, just write about the series (of course) or movies, while of course, all those who read. Do more, everything, speak well, speak evil, critical, recommend, show your love or fanaticism in certain series, and film actor, remembering that each is responsible for writing that.

There are no limits daily, weekly or monthly for the posts of "YOU SPEAKING IN SERIES" and you can send as many texts like.

You, especially owners of blogs, can ask that to write a blog if you have one? More I got a response ...

It is a fun and different way to show your idea for a different audience and thus benefiting both.

To send texts, just send an email to "vocefalandoemserie@yahoo.com.br and receive an email notifying you that your text is published or rejected. If refused, the grounds also will come in email.

For more information, may use the contact form or via comments.

Now it is with you!